Apartment 5
Booth P19, Pier 92
711 12th Ave
New York, NY 10019

The Armory Show: Platform Curated by Sally Tallant
Presented by: Daniel Faria Gallery & John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Iris Häussler’s Apartment 5 (2019) is a studio reconstruction representing the late body of work of French immigrant Florence Hasard after she moved from Wisconsin to New York in 1942. Her legacy reveals the life of a reclusive artist living in exile and isolation, and the mind of a woman traumatized and obsessed with her experiences during the first World War.

Showing works from Florence Hasard New York period, the Anatomical paintings:
Wallpaper made from pages of Gray’s Anatomy.
Book paintings in Gray’s Anatomy 1942 edition.

An In Depth Interview With Iris Häussler - By Etty Yaniv, Art Spiel
Etty Yaniv and Iris Häussler discuss her Florence Hasard installation: "Apartment 5" at the Armory Show 2019, New York, NY. as well as some of her other projects, process and her life. Read here.

Supported by The Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.