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Who is Sophie La Rosiere?

In 2009, Iris Häussler created a fictional character named Sophie La Rosière - born in Nogent Sur Marne, France in 1867. She died in 1948.

As the narrative is developed, Florence first meets Sophie as an artists model in 1907. They eventually cohabit the house in Nogent that Sophie inherited. As their relationship grows she gradually became Sophie's muse and gradually develops into a painter in her own right.

When Florence leaves  the relationship in 1918, Sophie enters the darkest phase in her life - literally - as she conceals her most significant paintings with a layer of blackened beeswax.

Sophie would never return fully to painting and died in the Maison de Retraites des Artistes  at the age of 81. It would take 68 years before her work was discovered, investigated, assessed and shown to the art-world.

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